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Sunday, Sunday

NB I wrote this over a week ago but was too tired to post it – quelle surprise!!! Here its is anyway.

So, I made it through my first week back at work unscathed – well it was fours days really. Work itself was fine but on Thursday lunchtime I got the phone call from the school every parent dreads ‘your child had fallen off the climbing frame and banged her head’. These things are sent to test us, so my mum was dispatched to collect her and I jumped on train from London and met them at home. Lucia had a nice big bruise but after the ‘can you tell your name? do you remember the accident? Can you count to 10?’ she was deemed ok and so spent the rest of the afternoon watching the Ipad and eating ice cream. Phew.

I was so exhausted by then that I went to bed at 5pm, woke up to eat dinner in bed and then fell asleep agin, I woke for work at 6.30am and felt like I could sleep for the rest of the day. Getting up was hard, really hard, the exhaustion and the constant pain in my wrist, hands, arm and neck are tiring in them selves. But I did it and that’s the important bit. It made we worry though, I had been back at work effectively for 2 1/2 days and I was a physical wreck, this is not boding well.


However, when I got home on Friday my Tens machine had arrived, all that hope I was placing on a tiny little item, surely I was heading for a fall? but no, I love it, it is amazing, I’m still taking the pain killers but the machine is so effective on my hand and wrist that I am quite amazed. How could something so cheap be so effective? I don’t know and I don’t care, all I know is that it is and I love it. People will stare, but that is not the sort of thing that bothers me anymore, believe me it really used to and that was when I was fine and well! Age and illness frees you somewhat from those thoughts, for me anyway. The machine sends little electrical currents through the pads stuck on your body, it does feel odd, a bit tingly, and sometimes it can be uncomfortable so I turn the strength down but goodness is it effective, I cannot recommend it enough. I have the wonderful @curlyb56 to thank for pointing me in the direction of tens and to this particular machine, she is fast becoming my ‘go to’ gal for all things chronic pain related so massive thanks and kisses to her.


I spent all of yesterday in bed resting, watching Netflix and just ‘being’, but feeling really really grumpy, in such a bad mood, just looking for something to screech about, my poor mum she gets the brunt of it. She stayed to look after Lu for me and brought me dinner in bed again, she is lovely and kind but does drive me mad.

Today its just Lu and me, so far we have watched endless Youtube videos of Lu’s choice, mainly involving disney princesses while the puppy continues to teeth and chew everything that isnt above waist height but the sun is shining, sort of and I must take them both out for a walk soon. A new week looms and the fear I have re exhaustion remains but I know I am doing everything I can to ward against it interfering in my work life but that in itself makes me worry, what if my best isn’t enough????


Tiptoe through the tulips

Well, bluebells actually. Can you believe I have lived in Buckinghamshire for more than five years now and yesterday was the first time I’ve been to admire the bluebells? Shockingly remiss of me. Anyway, I got up, go dressed and dragged puppy out for a saunter through Wendover Woods, it was a beautiful day, made use of the cafe and bought coffee to energise me for walk. Unfortunately it started raining but the flowers were still breathtaking.


That path just calls to you


I feel rather proud, as if I climbed this! I didn’t I drove.


Felt like Little Red Riding Hood following the woodland path


Puppy and coffee, two of my travel essentials


And breath in the beauty


My most favourite colour ever


What not to do with bluebells, look but don’t touch please!


My week in pictures



Lucia’s daddy bought her a new bike in ‘Tiffany Blue” & she grew up over night!



Had to get my hideous scarred legs out as I was SO hot.



Did a spot of birthday shopping for M.



Off to another hospital, not for me for a change.



Hospital appointment for me.



Took my leopard print shoes out for dinner, they never get to go out!!



Sun was shining so took pup pup for walk/run.

And they called it puppy love.

I had written and very long post about my illness and how things were going after my last post but then decided to write about something much nicer and that is the new addition to the family, or the menagerie as M has started referring to us all.

About 18 months ago I started thinking about getting a dog, my heart was set on a miniature smooth haired dachshund and, after much research, I was lucky enough to find a pup available from a litter from a Kennel Club registered approved breeder obvs – no evil puppy farm supporting here. And we have called her Livia, which is actually my ‘other’ baby name but since I’m,not having anymore babies I gave it to the pup, though Lulu refers to her as Pup Pup (so good we named her twice).


 Not too keen to go for her first walk as it was raining.

The day before yesterday  was the first day that she was allowed out for a walk, prior to this she has been carried everywhere due to needing her jabs to start working so that she is fully protected her from all the nasty doggy illnesses. I have bought her some jumpers -not a phrase I ever thought I would use – as she really is very tiny and very low to the ground and it is very cold. Also, as she is short haired she doesn’t have much coverage. She is a red head too as I thought Lulu, who is also a red head, would prefer it – my thought process is sometimes slightly odd.


The cat is not very fond of her but will sleep on the same blanket as her, the rabbit couldn’t care less but the pup thinks the rabbit is a play friend. On a more revolting side as the rabbit lives in the house I have found Livia sitting in the rabbits cage eating the rabbit droppings but as rabbits also eat their own dropping and are vegetarian I’m trying not to be too concerned thought of course I dont encourage it.

Livia is a true baby at present, four meals a day, lots of napping and then playing which currently involves running around with her mouth open and biting everything as she is teething and investigating. She doesn’t sleep through the night and wakes at 2.30am like clockwork for a wee and a play but I wouldn’t swap her for the world. She is a delight and has been wonderful company for me since I have been at home for a few weeks now.


First walk with Lulu this morning.