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My week in pictures



First of two hospital visits, with a little bit of work afterwards.



My phone is full of photos of books I want to read, I loved The Miniaturist.



An innocent meeting with my PhD supervisor ended with me giving up my PhD as illness and time are not working in my favour. Still hurts.



No heating at work and for some reason I am not sweating like a pig.



Post Friday Film night cuddles in mummy’s bed.



My mum and I survived Lulu’s 6th Birthday party.



Fairy lights behind my bed? What more could a girl ask for???


If you go down to the woods today

I am not a naturally outdoorsy person by any stretch of the imagination but now that we have the puppy and we live in the countryside I do try and make the effort to go on some long walks.

My current favourite place to visit is Wendover Woods, it helps that it has a little cafe so I can stock up on coffee before heading into the unknown. Coffee is a wonderful incentive if you ever want to get me to do anything.

A few Sunday’s ago, when all three children were staying we had our usual breakfast of pancakes and then off to the woods we went. They much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the youth but they soon got over it. After all the English countryside is so beautiful, especially during the season changes, who could resist? I wrote about the gorgeous summer bluebells earlier on this year.


Refreshments purchased.


Coffee in hand, crunchy leaves and dungarees. Perfect.


Very enthusiastic puppy.

Wendover woods currently have a really great Autumn Trail to follow and each sign tells you a little bit about the wildlife at the moment and what to look out for. We weren’t entirely successful but it kept at least Lucia busy and interested.


Conker shells, but no conkers, damn.


We found the mushrooms.


Just because it looked so unique.


These little balls of plants reminded me of the stone trolls in Frozen. I may have watched Frozen one too many times.


Such gorgeous colours.


The weather held until just before we left thankfully.


No woodland adventure would be complete without a little bit of muddy puddle jumping and potion stirring.

My week in pictures



My mum got a teeny tiny puppy – a blue chihuahua called Finn.



I was taken for dinner at Le Manor aux Quat’Saisons. It was all types of amazing.



As I knew i would be tired after last nights dinner I sensibly booked a days leave from work so I could rest. Pathetic, huh? That’s Fibromyalgia for you, your life is not your own.



Baby Lulu went on holiday to France with her dad and drew this delightful picture of her and I with Livia the sausage dog. Hmmm.



At work, a hot sweaty mess.



I puppy sat my mum’s Chihuahua, they are actually playing in this photo. They  played and played and played.



Made Lorraine Pascale’s Gingerbread pancakes for breakfast. We have them every Sunday but I usually omit the spices and add vanilla essence as the children prefer it but as we were child free we had the proper grown up version with squirty cream and maple syrup.



Sunday, Sunday

NB I wrote this over a week ago but was too tired to post it – quelle surprise!!! Here its is anyway.

So, I made it through my first week back at work unscathed – well it was fours days really. Work itself was fine but on Thursday lunchtime I got the phone call from the school every parent dreads ‘your child had fallen off the climbing frame and banged her head’. These things are sent to test us, so my mum was dispatched to collect her and I jumped on train from London and met them at home. Lucia had a nice big bruise but after the ‘can you tell your name? do you remember the accident? Can you count to 10?’ she was deemed ok and so spent the rest of the afternoon watching the Ipad and eating ice cream. Phew.

I was so exhausted by then that I went to bed at 5pm, woke up to eat dinner in bed and then fell asleep agin, I woke for work at 6.30am and felt like I could sleep for the rest of the day. Getting up was hard, really hard, the exhaustion and the constant pain in my wrist, hands, arm and neck are tiring in them selves. But I did it and that’s the important bit. It made we worry though, I had been back at work effectively for 2 1/2 days and I was a physical wreck, this is not boding well.


However, when I got home on Friday my Tens machine had arrived, all that hope I was placing on a tiny little item, surely I was heading for a fall? but no, I love it, it is amazing, I’m still taking the pain killers but the machine is so effective on my hand and wrist that I am quite amazed. How could something so cheap be so effective? I don’t know and I don’t care, all I know is that it is and I love it. People will stare, but that is not the sort of thing that bothers me anymore, believe me it really used to and that was when I was fine and well! Age and illness frees you somewhat from those thoughts, for me anyway. The machine sends little electrical currents through the pads stuck on your body, it does feel odd, a bit tingly, and sometimes it can be uncomfortable so I turn the strength down but goodness is it effective, I cannot recommend it enough. I have the wonderful @curlyb56 to thank for pointing me in the direction of tens and to this particular machine, she is fast becoming my ‘go to’ gal for all things chronic pain related so massive thanks and kisses to her.


I spent all of yesterday in bed resting, watching Netflix and just ‘being’, but feeling really really grumpy, in such a bad mood, just looking for something to screech about, my poor mum she gets the brunt of it. She stayed to look after Lu for me and brought me dinner in bed again, she is lovely and kind but does drive me mad.

Today its just Lu and me, so far we have watched endless Youtube videos of Lu’s choice, mainly involving disney princesses while the puppy continues to teeth and chew everything that isnt above waist height but the sun is shining, sort of and I must take them both out for a walk soon. A new week looms and the fear I have re exhaustion remains but I know I am doing everything I can to ward against it interfering in my work life but that in itself makes me worry, what if my best isn’t enough????


My week in pictures



Have had my beloved Filofax pristine for ten years. Two minutes with the puppy and this….



Another day another hospital appointment.




Gave in and watched Making a Murderer with puppy for company.



Glamorous movie star look – well actually felt exhausted so lingered in bed.



Bedtime cuddles & some awful children programme on Netflix.



Spending time with a good friend was good for my soul. 



Lucia and I hanging out in bed, it was heaven.



Keeping it real – Lucia took this.

Deep beneath the cover of another perfect wonder, Where it’s so white as snow

Lucia is convinced that Christmas comes when it snows, when the 25th December rolled around last month she was slightly dubious that it was actually Christmas day due to the lack of snow so I’m sure you can guess what type of conversation we had on a Sunday two weeks ago when we woke up to a blanket of snow!


The long climb up

Having finally convinced her that it wasn’t Christmas, all other plans for the day were set aside so we could get on with the business of playing. I am exceptionally lucky to live in the countryside with a garden that backs onto the most perfect sledging hill. A few years ago people are skiing on it. Having put on at least three layers of clothing, made my coffee and popped it in a thermos we dragged the bright red sledge out of the shed and off we went. Lucia is five and the last time it snowed enough to sledge  was the month before she was born so this was the first time she had really experienced snow, she loved it, it was also the puppy’s first snow experience and she had her very smart Barbour coat to keep her warm. Livia (the puppy) she enjoyed it for a bit, chased a few snowballs and then started climbing my leg to be picked up. In fairness as a mini dachshund pup she is very low to the ground so her tummy was cold as were her little paws so I relented and carried her.


Just before the puppy demanded to be picked up

Of course sledging down a hill is fantastic fun, the trudging back up again grows tiresome quickly but Lucia was super and persevered longer than I would have. She also proved very useful to the other children sledging as her extra weight in the sledge made it go faster. We retired home after about half an hour when Lu said her feet were getting cold and when I got her undressed a pile of snow tumbled out of both boots so she wasn’t joking. Hot chocolate, open fires and our traditional Sunday breakfast of pancakes with maple syrup and bacon satisfied all concerned and by the time the evening was drawing in the snow had all but gone.


Sledging literally at the bottom of my garden

Another Sunday evening, I know that I’ve been meaning to find a place that I don’t feel alone.

People talk frequently about that Sunday night sinking feeling, school/work tomorrow, the end of time to yourself to do fun things like see friends and lie in bed. The mild panic when you know that you haven’t left enough time to do your homework for school or work and the tinge of resentfulness that reality must impinge so soon.

I understand those feelings, I had them when I was at school and uni and for lots of the jobs I’ve had. Mainly because I hadn’t done my homework and I wasn’t too fond of my job. However, now I really like Monday’s, they are my favourite day of the week, work is always busy so it goes quickly and I enjoy my job and my colleagues so going into work never feels like a chore. Don’t get me wrong, when that alarm goes off I reset ALOT and wish I could stay in bed, I’m not entirely mental!

My ‘Sunday feeling’ has always arrived as dusk falls on the late summer evenings, on any day of the week, including Friday!! it makes me entirely and inexplicably maudlin and I just don’t know why. I spent a lot of my youth thinking that everyone else was having the best time ever at weekends and in the evenings, going to all those parties(what parties?) that I hadn’t been invited to, I always believed that the ‘fun’ was happening somewhere else to someone else, then as I got older I imagined all those ‘fun’ people now gathered for big raucous Sunday roasts in gastropubs, drinking red wine and reading the papers together. I know that does happen as I have actually attended a few. But I have forever felt a little on the outside of these social calendar things, no idea why. Probably because I never got invited to all the ‘fun’.

I know some of this stems back to to my childhood (excuse my while I just hop onto the Doctors couch). I would have sleep overs at schools friends houses, their nice big houses with their nice big families and their parents who were still married and then I’d get the tube home to the tiny basement flat where me and my mum lived, in a slightly salubrious part of West London. Ironically enough it is now virtually impossible to buy  property where I was brought up unless you are exceptionally well off, who knew Portobello Road would become so popular??

I often walked home from the station at dusk past the gorgeous big houses in Elgin Crescent and Blenheim Crescent where they rarely pulled their curtains across and I could see families watching TV, having supper and interacting in lovely kitchens that took up their whole basement, all bathed in a lovely lamplight glow. Richard Curtis had nothing on my halcyon view of how families in Notting Hill lived. I bet they had carpets and central heating and everything!

I know things are never what they appear to be, those families I watched in their basement kitchens weren’t always happy, and I have no issues regarding how I was brought up, I think my mum did a sterling job but its human nature to covet things. I now own a nice house of my very own and I have nice things, and I know other people aren’t having all the ‘fun’ with out me but I still get that maudlin feeling at dusk and I accept it is probably because the end of the day can often seem like an ending of something more significant, a time to consider  and reflect if we have done all the things we should have or could have during that day, and in the light of such an assessment I rarely feel like I am winning. The summer evenings draw in slowly meaning that that period of self assessment is prolonged, maybe thats why it feels so much more pronounced in the summer?