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If you go down to the woods today

I am not a naturally outdoorsy person by any stretch of the imagination but now that we have the puppy and we live in the countryside I do try and make the effort to go on some long walks.

My current favourite place to visit is Wendover Woods, it helps that it has a little cafe so I can stock up on coffee before heading into the unknown. Coffee is a wonderful incentive if you ever want to get me to do anything.

A few Sunday’s ago, when all three children were staying we had our usual breakfast of pancakes and then off to the woods we went. They much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the youth but they soon got over it. After all the English countryside is so beautiful, especially during the season changes, who could resist? I wrote about the gorgeous summer bluebells earlier on this year.


Refreshments purchased.


Coffee in hand, crunchy leaves and dungarees. Perfect.


Very enthusiastic puppy.

Wendover woods currently have a really great Autumn Trail to follow and each sign tells you a little bit about the wildlife at the moment and what to look out for. We weren’t entirely successful but it kept at least Lucia busy and interested.


Conker shells, but no conkers, damn.


We found the mushrooms.


Just because it looked so unique.


These little balls of plants reminded me of the stone trolls in Frozen. I may have watched Frozen one too many times.


Such gorgeous colours.


The weather held until just before we left thankfully.


No woodland adventure would be complete without a little bit of muddy puddle jumping and potion stirring.

New Beginnings


I started this blog three years ago however as you can see this is my first post (second actually) but a lot has changed in three years so i deleted the other one and am starting again. Three years ago i had, what i considered to be, the life I had always wanted and one that i had worked very hard to get. I had a husband – tick, a baby – tick, a house that we refurbished – tick, living in leafy South Buckinghamshire after moving out from my beloved West London – tick, we even had a puppy, matching Barbours and Hunter Wellies – tick, tick, tick. And I was rally really happy, that amazing secure warm happiness that i had rarely experienced. That lasted exactly 20 months.

But quite obviously it wasn’t all so rosy. My husband and I had been together for 14 years, we had suffered a number of miscarriages, our baby arrived 3 months early and spent 9 weeks in intensive care. The house purchase and refurbishment was stressful, my husband worked full time while project managing it from 30 miles away. Still, I felt we had dealt with these things admirably and things had finally settled down.  But now, 2 years after he left, we are finally nearing the end of our divorce process and are living very separate lives.

So, that’s me, I live in South Bucks with my 4 year old daughter Lulu (Lucia), our cat Mr Moo (who has no ears – cancer), our blind rabbit Thumper (she choose him for her birthday, what could i do?), the gold fish Klaus Roger (is American Dad suitable for a 4 year old?). I work full time in London, and I rather like the time I get  alone during my commute,  Lulu is at full time nursery  and I am hurtling towards my 41st birthday.