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My week in pictures



My mum got a teeny tiny puppy – a blue chihuahua called Finn.



I was taken for dinner at Le Manor aux Quat’Saisons. It was all types of amazing.



As I knew i would be tired after last nights dinner I sensibly booked a days leave from work so I could rest. Pathetic, huh? That’s Fibromyalgia for you, your life is not your own.



Baby Lulu went on holiday to France with her dad and drew this delightful picture of her and I with Livia the sausage dog. Hmmm.



At work, a hot sweaty mess.



I puppy sat my mum’s Chihuahua, they are actually playing in this photo. They  played and played and played.



Made Lorraine Pascale’s Gingerbread pancakes for breakfast. We have them every Sunday but I usually omit the spices and add vanilla essence as the children prefer it but as we were child free we had the proper grown up version with squirty cream and maple syrup.



My week in pictures



Lunchtime sun



Photographic evidence that I do actually have a job that I occasionally go to



Pre bed time walk with my best girls



In bed, as per….



And again, with pup this time



Gluten free croissants, yum



Atteneded a beautiful wedding


Deep beneath the cover of another perfect wonder, Where it’s so white as snow

Lucia is convinced that Christmas comes when it snows, when the 25th December rolled around last month she was slightly dubious that it was actually Christmas day due to the lack of snow so I’m sure you can guess what type of conversation we had on a Sunday two weeks ago when we woke up to a blanket of snow!


The long climb up

Having finally convinced her that it wasn’t Christmas, all other plans for the day were set aside so we could get on with the business of playing. I am exceptionally lucky to live in the countryside with a garden that backs onto the most perfect sledging hill. A few years ago people are skiing on it. Having put on at least three layers of clothing, made my coffee and popped it in a thermos we dragged the bright red sledge out of the shed and off we went. Lucia is five and the last time it snowed enough to sledge  was the month before she was born so this was the first time she had really experienced snow, she loved it, it was also the puppy’s first snow experience and she had her very smart Barbour coat to keep her warm. Livia (the puppy) she enjoyed it for a bit, chased a few snowballs and then started climbing my leg to be picked up. In fairness as a mini dachshund pup she is very low to the ground so her tummy was cold as were her little paws so I relented and carried her.


Just before the puppy demanded to be picked up

Of course sledging down a hill is fantastic fun, the trudging back up again grows tiresome quickly but Lucia was super and persevered longer than I would have. She also proved very useful to the other children sledging as her extra weight in the sledge made it go faster. We retired home after about half an hour when Lu said her feet were getting cold and when I got her undressed a pile of snow tumbled out of both boots so she wasn’t joking. Hot chocolate, open fires and our traditional Sunday breakfast of pancakes with maple syrup and bacon satisfied all concerned and by the time the evening was drawing in the snow had all but gone.


Sledging literally at the bottom of my garden

And they called it puppy love.

I had written and very long post about my illness and how things were going after my last post but then decided to write about something much nicer and that is the new addition to the family, or the menagerie as M has started referring to us all.

About 18 months ago I started thinking about getting a dog, my heart was set on a miniature smooth haired dachshund and, after much research, I was lucky enough to find a pup available from a litter from a Kennel Club registered approved breeder obvs – no evil puppy farm supporting here. And we have called her Livia, which is actually my ‘other’ baby name but since I’m,not having anymore babies I gave it to the pup, though Lulu refers to her as Pup Pup (so good we named her twice).


 Not too keen to go for her first walk as it was raining.

The day before yesterday  was the first day that she was allowed out for a walk, prior to this she has been carried everywhere due to needing her jabs to start working so that she is fully protected her from all the nasty doggy illnesses. I have bought her some jumpers -not a phrase I ever thought I would use – as she really is very tiny and very low to the ground and it is very cold. Also, as she is short haired she doesn’t have much coverage. She is a red head too as I thought Lulu, who is also a red head, would prefer it – my thought process is sometimes slightly odd.


The cat is not very fond of her but will sleep on the same blanket as her, the rabbit couldn’t care less but the pup thinks the rabbit is a play friend. On a more revolting side as the rabbit lives in the house I have found Livia sitting in the rabbits cage eating the rabbit droppings but as rabbits also eat their own dropping and are vegetarian I’m trying not to be too concerned thought of course I dont encourage it.

Livia is a true baby at present, four meals a day, lots of napping and then playing which currently involves running around with her mouth open and biting everything as she is teething and investigating. She doesn’t sleep through the night and wakes at 2.30am like clockwork for a wee and a play but I wouldn’t swap her for the world. She is a delight and has been wonderful company for me since I have been at home for a few weeks now.


First walk with Lulu this morning.