I’m the greatest dancer (no I’m not)

I have signed myself up for street dance classes. I know! I can’t dance at all, I always thought I could, that I had rhythm, but then I did a Zumba class and realised that I am the most uptight tense person without rhythm I think I have ever seen – thanks to the mirror in the Zumba studio. How could this be? I asked myself. I spent my 20’s in nightclubs and then I remembered I was working in them not dancing.

A little background may be required. A number of months after Dan left a friend of mine, regarding a entirely different situation,  simply told me to ‘be brave’ and I’ve been trying ever since. I am a rather shy person by nature and don’t deal well with public humiliation so the thought of flayling around on a dance floor in front of others is testing me little but I have always wanted to try street dance and so now I am, if I hate it (or it hates me) then I don’t have to keep going, I am freeing myself from the idea of long term hideousness, if I give it up I am won’t be failing, I will be winning because I tried it in the first place.

So, come September at 8.30pm on a Thursday evening you will catch me shaking my ass, bustin’ some moves and generally getting down with the kids unless I hate it in which case I have a number of other thing that I am determined to ‘be brave’ about.

Join me, ‘be brave’, failure is an option, a really positive one.

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