Hands, fingers, nails and varnish, nails and varnish.

IMG_4457I just love nail varnish, always have. I paint my nails regularly, I file them, I cut them and I try to be good to them. I’ve never been a nail biter but I am a chewer of the skin around my nails, it is a very bad look. In recent years my hands have started to to look dry and old but I find putting on hand cream such a chore. I hate the stickiness and as i fiddle a lot with my hair and touch my face I always worry about spots but I am doing better than I used to. Its something Ive had to concentrate on.


When Lucia was born she was in intensive care for nine weeks and all the hand sanitising left my fingers cracking and bleeding, you can still see the scars. I’m not talking a little splurge of sanitising gel here, I’m talking industrial strength three product step wash over steel surgical troughs and no touching the taps to turn them off after. And that was before you even go into the main ward. When you did get in you couldn’t wear watches or rings, no coats or jackets, no long sleeves, cardigans or jumpers as the cuffs might have germs on them and then when you put your arms into the incubator through the holes you run the risk of passing these germs them onto to your tiny 2 1/2 lb baby who is hooked up to breathing machine. The result can literary be fatal.


I tried a lot of different creams to try and ease the cracking and pain but the only one that even touched the sides was Neal’s Yard Citrus Hand Softener. I adore Neal’s Yard products, and their books. I bought my first jar at the St Alban’s store, after I had purchased it I was telling the lovely lady there why I needed it and she told me that she had some nurses as customers who bought it for the same reason. It is expensive, £15, but if you know anyone who has the misfortune to have to be in intensive care then please buy it for them now.




Unfortunately my budget doesn’t stretch to the regular use of Neal’s Yard goodies – at the time I classed it  as a necessity – so I now use Nivea or Body Shop hand creams. I have tubes of them at work, in my house, on my bedside table and in my hand bag so i have no excuse for not putting it on regularly.





I have digressed dreadfully, but in regard to nail varnish, my lovely boyfriend M has been back and forth to New York on business recently and I have furnished him with my Essie ‘wish list’. Its so much cheaper in the US (£5) and it doubles as my ‘coming home gift’ – win win.

I come to Essie late, after everyone else apparently. I did dabble with it a few years ago but found the formula too runny. Now it seems just perfect and the finish is great. I always use a Superdrug anti ridge under coat, a Barry M clear vanish top coat and a little spray of that super quick dry stuff for nail varnish.



PS I also requested this little delight from Sephora, Instant Nail Polish Remover for Glitter. I highly recommend it. It works an absolute treat.


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