All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go

When things are not going to well in life people often take flight, thinking a change of place will solve their problems. We all know that is just not true as we take ‘ourselves’ with us no matter how far we run but, I am a great believer in a change being as good as a rest, hence I have a little list of places I would really like to visit, this year, next year, whenever.

Cheltenham – can take this off list as I was taken for tea at Montpellier Chapter Hotel a few weekends as a treat, it as heaven to get out of house, all I had to do was get dressed and be driven around. Livia came too.


County Cork, Ireland  – I’ve actually  been here many times as it is where my mum is from, hence Lucia’s red hair, and now I’d like to take her to visit.

Norfolk Coast – I go to Suffolk each year and think now its time to hop over the boarder. I am particularly interested in doing some seal watching and checking out Grey Seal Coffee.

Buckingham – because I live in Buckinghamshire and Muddy Stilettos has loads of fab places on her website to visit in Buckingham.

Cookham – its looks beautiful, its by the river.

San Francisco – wanted to check out the food scene and catch up with super friend and ex colleague who has relocated here with her husband.

Seattle – I adore coffee, enough said.

Boston – looks amazing and want to go whale watching

Florida Keys – to lie on the beaches, read and sleep. Unfortunately not drink Mojitos’ as I gave up drinking 2 years ago but maybe a virgin one.

Cornwall – I know! how have I not been?

Barbados – I have been twice before and it is lovely but now i have found a wonderful blog called Barbados Gluten Free which means I can go and not worry too much about finding suitable food – this is a big factor in choosing where to go on holiday.

Paris – This city doesn’t hold great memories for me but 20 years have passed and I need to face my fear and take away its power. I’m brushing up on my french too.

Christmas Common – well, come on, its all in the name!


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